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CIMC Raffles Starts Construction of The First Offshore Wind Power Installation Ship of The 3060 Series



On April 17, Huadian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd (Huadian Heavy Industry), Shanghai Boqiang Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. (Boqiang Heavy Industry) and CIMC Raffles Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. (CIMC Raffles) held the signing ceremony for the "3060 Series Offshore Wind Power Installation Platform" project in Yantai. The three parties jointly launched the development plan of "high-end, efficient and low-cost offshore wind power installation platform series".

At the same time, based on the opportunities and challenges faced by China's offshore wind power industry, the three parties launched the "Green Practitioner" initiative to invite upstream and downstream partners of the offshore wind power industry chain to build a new order for offshore wind power cooperation. State Power Investment Corporation, Shanghai Electric, General Electric, HSIECL, American Bureau of Shipping, NOV and other units attended the signing ceremony and initiative launch ceremony.

The "3060 Series Offshore Wind Power Installation Platform Project" includes 1+N high-end offshore wind power installation ships. It will gradually introduce high-end offshore wind power installation vessels suitable for all kinds of complex sea conditions, so as to provide high-end large-scale offshore wind power equipment for domestic and foreign offshore wind power owners, offshore wind power main contractors and main engine plants with more efficient operation capacity, longer working window period, more stable working capacity and more flexible business model. It will also provide a practical solution to usher in an era of low cost offshore wind electricity.

The signing ceremony announced the execution of the contract for the first 3060 series deepwater offshore wind installation platform and the commencement of formal design and construction phase. The project will be delivered in the first quarter of 2023, and priority will be given to the domestic offshore wind power construction and installation.

The platform was independently designed and built by CIMC Raffles. It is equipped with a 2,200T pile winding offshore crane and rack and pinion lifting system. The key equipment adopts international premium brand products. The length of the pile leg is 120 meters (which can be extended to 136 meters), meeting the requirements of working water depth of 65 meters, sea state of righteousness wave height of 2.5 meters, and DP2 dynamic positioning. The deck variable load can meet the requirements of loading 4 sets of 12MW wind turbines or 8 sets of 8MW wind turbines. The lifting and installation capacity can easily meet the installation requirements of 160m-class hub height and 20MW wind turbine installation in the future. The design standards meet the requirements of China Sea, the North Sea in Europe, and Southeast Asian waters.

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