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CIMC Enric Wins Order of 100 million yuan for On-board Hydrogen Supply System



On April 22, CIMC Enric Holdings Limited (and its subsidiaries, collectively referred to as "CIMC Enric", Hong Kong stock code: 3899.HK) announced that it has received orders of more than RMB 100 million for on-board hydrogen supply systems (including on-board hydrogen storage tanks and tank group hydrogen supply systems). It will strengthen the layout in the hydrogen heavy truck market, and steadily promote the implementation of hydrogen heavy truck demonstration operation projects. The order is expected to generate revenue contributions during the year.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are powered by hydrogen gas that is used to generate electricity from an on-board fuel cell. With the characteristics of environmental protection and high energy conversion efficiency, it is an important direction of the development of new energy automobile industry. Compared with diesel heavy truck and electric heavy truck, hydrogen fuel cell heavy truck has the unique advantages of zero emission, heavy load, long range and so on.

CIMC Enric started its hydrogen business in 2006 and can provide overall solutions for the whole hydrogen energy industry chain. Its business involves hydrogen energy production, storage, transportation, whole industry chain products processing, sales and service operations, mainly including: hydrogen production and purification system, hydrogen station loading equipment, hydrogen filling station complete sets of equipment with safe and high discharge air rate, hydrogen storage and transportation equipment, on-board hydrogen supply system, hydrogen compressor, hydrogen filling machine, hydrogen tank valves, hydrogen power energy storage, etc.

CIMC Enric has also introduced internationally leading hydrogen core products and key technologies, which can effectively meet the needs of China's booming hydrogen fuel cell heavy truck market for large volume, lightweight, high pressure, low cost and high efficiency of Type III and Type IV on-board hydrogen storage tanks and on-board hydrogen supply systems.

This order demonstrates CIMC Enric's leadership in on-board hydrogen supply systems for medium and heavy trucks. It also sets a good starting point for the launch of the Shanghai hydrogen heavy truck demonstration project and the expansion of the hydrogen heavy truck industry chain.

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