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CIMC Delivers China's First Permanent Modular Building Fever Clinic



By the end of 2020, the Fever Clinic of Shenzhen Maternal and Child Health Hospital Hongli Branch was officially put into use, and CIMC Architectural Design Institute was the EPC contractor for the clinic. The entire project, from design to delivery, took only 72 days. It is also the first emergency fever clinic in China that adopts modular building and is constructed according to the permanent building standard (the designed reasonable service life is 50 years).

The two-story fever clinic of Shenzhen Maternal and Child Health Hospital is composed of 17 modules, with a total construction area of 650 square meters. Although the area is not large, the fever clinic is well equipped and has a reasonable space layout. It has areas that can be used for routine diagnosis and treatment and functional areas designed to respond to outbreaks.

Emergency medical buildings that can be deployed quickly have played a key role in controlling the outbreak, and modular buildings have been instrumental in improving efficiency. 90% of the building modules are prefabricated in the factory and shipped to the site for assembly. This not only ensures the quality and safety, but also greatly reduces the waste on site. It can be disassembled, transferred and reused for many times, which maximizes the value of the whole life cycle of the building. It is the representative of the green new building of sustainable development.

Since the lifting of the first module on September 30th, it only took 10 hours for the clinic to seal its roof atop the concrete and steel frame. Compared with the traditional construction mode, the construction period was reduced by 70% and the disturbance caused by construction noise to the surrounding areas and patients was minimized.

The construction of this project is difficult, the construction period is tight, the requirements are high, and the task is heavy. With the faith of completing the project successfully, the team completed manufacturing, shipping, hoisting and medical equipment installation in just 50 days after the project was designed. The project was delivered and put into use on schedule. The team demonstrated the responsibility with sweat and efforts, and finally successfully completed the task.


CIMC Architectural Design Institute has a series of advantages such as design and development, factory prefabrication, logistics and transportation, fast construction, low carbon emission and environmental protection, and flexibility, which ensure the high efficiency, high standard and high quality of the fever clinic, and has played a key role in the fight against the epidemic. When facing the outbreak of public health emergencies, the scientific and rational use of modular buildings will provide a new and high-tech solution for the construction and expansion of medical buildings.

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