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CIMC Cold Cloud Escorts Delivery of 1 Million Doses of China's COVID-19 Vaccine to Uzbekistan



On March 27, CIMC Cold Cloud transported the COVID-19 vaccines developed by Anhui Zhifei Biopharmaceutical from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan. Chinese Ambassador to Uzbekistan Jiang Yan, Uzbek President Adviser Abduasitov , Health Minister Hakibayev and Minister of Innovation and Development Abdurakhmonov greeted the transportation team at the airport.

The entire vaccine transportation service of CIMC Cold Cloud includes cold chain packaging design, packing, inland transportation, airport customs clearance, airport operation and other logistics management. One million doses of vaccine were successfully delivered to the recipient, and the temperature control results were good.

This time, CIMC Cold Cloud used the latest developed XT10 container. The container has the characteristics of large volume, light weight, high loading rate, easy loading and unloading at the bottom of the pallet and up to 150 hours of temperature control. It is more suitable for the transportation of vaccines or medicines in large quantities.

The container research and development of CIMC Cold Cloud is in perfect agreement with the innovative spirit of Zhifei. The two parties quickly reached a consensus to optimize the process through careful planning in a short period of time. Thanks to the joint efforts of the efficient and professional teams from both sides, this batch of vaccine was successfully delivered to Uzbekistan.

It is worth mentioning that the temperature control of the vaccine shipment is very strict. In order to make sure nothing goes wrong, CIMC Cold Cloud and Zhifei jointly used two different brands of temperature recorders to ensure accuracy and reference. The vaccines arrived in Uzbekistan and were successfully delivered, with both temperature recorders showing good temperature control results. This proves that CIMC Cold Cloud has excellent quality products, thoughtful service, a high degree of professionalism and can withstand multiple tests.

The relevant responsible person of CIMC Cold Cloud expressed heartfelt thanks to the Pudong Airport customs, security inspection and other field functional departments. Efficient airport cooperation fully demonstrates the importance the various units attach to the vaccine export operation. "The international team of CIMC Cold Cloud is honored to be the carrier of Zhifei's vaccines for export. These are vaccines that carry responsibility and hope, and hopefully it will save many more lives in the future."


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